VINCI Pod Kit Royal Edition


Check out Voopoo Vinci Pod Royal Edition Pod System, featuring the Gene Chipset, adaptive wattage control, and crafted from aircraft grade aluminum alloy. 


 VINCI Pod  Kit Royal Edition

Check out Voopoo Vinci Pod Royal Edition Pod System, featuring the Gene Chipset, adaptive wattage control, and crafted from aircraft grade aluminum alloy. 

I’ve just reviewed the VooPoo Vinci Pod Royal Edition and the Vinci Q at the same time and it’s a little baffling, they’re the same kit, but the Royal has a few extra key features.

Quite a lot of key features. So after much deliberation I’ve decided it would be better for you, the reader, if I review them separately.

To save you some time, if you want a vape as simple as possible our VooPoo Vinci Q Pod review will be live soon. If you want a more premium design with extra features, keep reading.

If you don’t know who VooPoo are the foundations of the company have been around since 2010, it was in 2014 they focus more on electronics and atomisation research and then in 2016 they acquired Woodyvapes (a US E-cig brand). In 2017 they partnered up with Gene Co to exclusively make chips for VooPoo.

It was the VooPoo Drag Box mod that made VooPoo the huge brand they are now, when it was release it seemed that everybody was using one. However they didn’t let the DRAG brand die out. In 2020 they dominated the market and changed the way we see pods forever, with the DRAG X and DRAG S Kits.

It really does seem that VooPoo just goes from strength to strength.

What To Expect From The VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition

As I have already explained the VooPoo Vinci Pod Royal Edition is a premium version of the Vinci Q Pod.

It has a Zinc-Alloy and Aluminium-Alloy body and each design has a fancy panel design which is actually embossed. VooPoo Also give the impression that these panels are hand made but we’ll get onto that later.

voopoo vinci royal edition

It’s button-less, so it only works on draw activation. It has a built in 800mAh battery and VooPoo say it has USB-C ‘fast charging’ which will charge in 1 hour but I’m sceptical of of that charging time.

The pods have built in coils, which can be great for beginners. The Royal Edition comes with 2 pods, however there are 4 available all of which have top fill. They are also apparently anti-leak (basically anti condensation).

To backtrack a little bit, there is a button, or at least that’s what VooPoo call it. The “button” doesn’t press in through, it’s a slider on the side of the device for the adjustable airflow.

Finally the device has 4 small, but surprisingly bright LED indicator lights.

There’s a few different functions for the LED indicators which we’ll get on to later.

Inside The Box

There is 3 different packages (Standard, TPD & US) but they all contain the same.

  • Vinci Device
  • Vinci Pod 0.8ohm (pre-installed)
  • Vinci Pod 1.2ohm
  • USB-C Cable
  • Manual

Full Disclosure: As a reviewer I (through EcigClick) received the ‘reviewers box’, which is very Royal indeed. It’s very fancy and I will show it off and talk you through it at the end of the review. Until then it’s locked away out of site, because this review will be unbiased and as brutally honest as always.

Specs & Features

  • voopoo vinci royal editionAdjustable Airflow
  • Size: 24x 14x 93.5mm
  • Mod Material: Zinc-Alloy + Aluminium-Alloy
  • Pod Material: PCTG
  • Output Power: 11-15w (automatic – non adjustable)
  • Battery: 800mAh
  • Input Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
  • Usable Resistance: 0.6-3ohms
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Pods: Refillable with built in coil
  • Draw Activation Only
  • Top Fill Pods
  • 4 LED Indicators
  • 6 Safety Protections

Design & Build Quality

The VooPoo Royal has 6 different designs and colours.

I received the White Leaf. I think it looks really smart and quite charming.

VooPoo Vinci Pod Royal Edition Battery Section

The battery section is quite small, in a convenient way and not in a novelty way. It measures at just 71.5mm x 24 x 14.5mm. That does exclude the airflow adjustment which takes the width to 25mm rather than 24mm. Get it right VooPoo!

Overall It’s pretty smooth. The back is clear with nothing other than the VooPoo Logo and the Gene Logo.

On one side is a small 0.5mm airflow hole and on the other side is the airflow adjustment slider. Thats 12x 8mm in size and at its highest point it protrudes by approximately 2mm.

The USB-C port is on the ‘bottom’ of the device. Usually I’d complain about that, but the bottom is rounded off, so it can’t be stood up right.

VooPoo Vinci Pod Royal Edition The Artisan Panel

On the Front of the VooPoo Vinci Pod Royal Edition is the artisan panel. This seems to be a big selling point for the kit and I get it, it does give the Royal Edition that extra special ‘feel’ factor.

voopoo vinci royal edition kit

The Panel is 66×16.5mm and has a shiny silver boarder.

So whats so special about it? Well VooPoo Say;

and they go on to say;

“The spirit of persistence has been the soul of royal craftsmen since ancient times. With this spirit, after 8 months of 12 manufacturing process and 68 steps, the craftsmen of VOOPOO R&D team ultimately created each exquisite masterpiece.”

So I’m a little bit confused, it seems unlikely that they hand make every panel but that is certainly what VooPoo are trying to portray. On their website they even have an image of one being sculpted.

All I can say is, it is very well made and it is very sensory while remaining smooth. It definitely gives it that special feeling.

It also has a raised Vinci Logo in the middle with really fine lines etched across it. The whole thing just has this huge sense precision about it.

Whether it was made by hand or machine, it’s very detailed and very well made.

LED Indicators

Towards the bottom of the panel are the 4 LED Indicators. Each one is super small, less than 0.5mm. Together they span across 3.5mm.

Additional information


Black Ripple, Silver Jazz, Gold Jazz, White Leaf, Gold Leaf, Silver Icon


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