Vinci 2 Pod Kit


Check out the VOOPOO VINCI II 2 50W Pod Mod Kit, featuring a 50W max output, dual firing systems, and maintains compatibility with the PnP Coil Series.


Vinci 2 Pod Kit

vinci 2 pod mod kit

Check out the VOOPOO VINCI II 2 50W Pod Mod Kit, featuring a 50W max output, dual firing systems, and maintains compatibility with the PnP Coil Series.  

Vinci 2 Pod Kit

The Voopoo Vinci II Mod Pod review and it seem like only five minutes ago we were reviewing the original Vinci pod kit.

Fellow Ecigclick reviewer FlatCap Vaper took a look at that one and was impressed with the flavour, battery life and overall build quality.

Of course Voopoo has released other Pod kits such as those found in the Argus and V range. They’ve even combined traditional external battery mods such as the the Drax X Plus with what’s effectively a PnP tank.

Yet for me personally, it’s always been about the Vinci range. The Voopoo Vinci Pod kit is just about as pocket friendly as they come, has decent airflow and an auto draw to entice the new vaper.

Vinci 2 Pod Kit

Then there’s the Voopoo Vinci R Pod Mod. It may well be the poor mans version of the original Vinci Pod Kit but the VM1 mesh PnP coil performed admirably.

Guess what?

It’s back again and included with the Voopoo Vinci II Mod Pod.

So how does it perform in this latest upgrade?

Let’s get into it..

What Can We Expect From the Voopoo Vinci II Mod Pod?

When comparing to the original Voopoo Vinci Pod kit, expect an increase in tank capacity from 5.5ml to 6.5ml, a radical change to airflow design and an increase in wattage from 40W to 50W.

The micro USB port has been replaced with faster more convenient type C charging, the larger display is identical to that of the Drag 3 dual battery Mod and the menu buttons are now horizontal as opposed to vertical.

Yet the internal battery capacity remains the same.

Although the pod only fits two ways gone is the fixed airflow, making way for adjustability via an incorporated slider mechanic.

Please note: The pod isn’t compatible with the original Vinci Mod.

Expect to make use of many Voopoo PnP coils allowing for an output range of between 10 – 40W.

Vinci 2 Pod Kit

Despite the VM6 0.15ohm mesh coil being touted as compatible – it won’t be. It craves more power than the device can handle.

Something that the Voopoo Vinci X II is capable of, more on that later.

However let’s not forget the option of being able to use an RBA section.

The poor mans choice. Hell – My choice!

vinci 2 pod mod kit

Voopoo Vinci II Mod Pod – Inside the Box

It comes in an easy to open slip case with the Mod Pod resting inside a moulded plastic tray complete with thumb cut outs.

Underneath the tray a slim rectangular box contains a few extras.

  • Vinci II device
  • 1 x TM2 (0.8ohm) PnP coil
  • 1 x VM1 (0.3ohm) PnP coil
  • Vinci II cartridge (6.5ml capacity)
  • Type C USB charging cable
  • User manual

What’s interesting is the carton states the inclusion of a TM1 (0.8ohm) PnP coil when in fact it doesn’t.

The TM1 coil does exist, is actually 0.6ohm rated and ironically enough is still compatible with the Voopoo Vinci II Mod pod.

It’s no doubt a typo but with some of the confusion over PnP compatibility an unnecessary one in my opinion.

Voopoo Vinci 2 Mod Pod – Key Features

Before moving on to the features let’s actually take a closer look at PnP compatibility.

From what I can gather, the VM1, VM3, VM4, VM5, TM1 and TM2 all work within resistance ranges safe for use with this Mod Pod.

I’m reviewing the standard version which is identical to the US one. There’s also a TPD edition which reduces the pod capacity down to regulatory 2ml.

It comes in a choice of five colors. Pine Grey, Dazzling Line, Carbon Fibre, Neon and Velvet Blue (under review). And It is also available at The Vapors Pakistan So you can also order here Again

VOOPOO Vinci 2 Pod

The Voopoo Vinci II Mod Pod gives the user the choice of auto draw, manual draw or both. The infinite airflow system is now included which allows a multitude of vaping styles from MTL to cloud chucking airy direct lung pulls.

The inbuilt Gene A1 2.0 chip is more intelligent than previous versions, boasting a smart and RBA mode, pushing the mods capabilities to the limit.

This will give us the chance to really test that fully adjustable infinite airflow system.

Voopoo Vinci II Mod Pod – Specifications

  • Dimensions 27 x 28 x 110mm
  • Weight 115g
  • Material Zinc alloy
  • 1.08in TFT color screen
  • Output power 5-50W
  • Output voltage 3.2 – 4.2V
  • Resistance range 0.15 – 3.0ohm
  • Battery capacity 1500MaH built in
  • Pod capacity 6.5ml / 2ml (TPD)
  • Pod material PCTG

Again, the resistance range seems a bit skewed, suggesting the VM6 coil’s compatibility.

If anyone does get the chance to try this PnP coil please feel free to use the comments section.

Voopoo Vinci 2 Mod Pod – Design and Build Quality

The Mod Section

The front panel utilizes the same single grain, single coating of the Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit.

Indeed it does refract and reflect the light, giving the appearance of different textures albeit in a rather linear fashion.

The colour itself is said to be non fade, wear proof and shock proof whilst also protected against oil, dust and fingerprints.

That’s simply not the case however as the working front panel has a shiny, glossy black finish that – yup! – attracts finger print over finger print.

It too sits firmly in its housing with no movement which is always pleasing.

Voopoo Vinci 2 Menu Functions

Anyone familiar with the Voopoo Drag 3 dual battery mod will already be a master manipulator of Menu’s! And It is also available at The Vapors Pakistan So you can also order here Again

  • Five short presses of the fire button turns the device on or off
  • Three presses of the fire button changes a manual draw into an auto draw. There’s also the option of using both if you really are that lazy!
  • Hold down the fire and left menu button to clear the puff counter
  • Hold down the fire and right menu button to lock/unlock the device. When the device is in lock mode it’s not possible to vape
  • Press the left and right menu buttons together to enter vape mode or theme mode. Toggle between the two with a short press of the fire button. Holding down the fire button selects the desired mode.
  • R (RBA) mode allows the device to be used freely to a maximum of 50W
  • S (SMART) mode detects the optimum wattage parameters of the coil
  • Theme mode switches the display between Iron or Core themes

The adjustable sliding pin has one side of the mod all to itself. I have to be honest and state it’s one of the crudest designed airflow adjusters I’ve come across.

It’s on a par with the Aspire Tigon AIO Kit – and if you read the review you’ll know how that went down!

Granted, I’m able to make finely tuned adjustments to the airflow but it feels a little too stiff and leaves an impression in the thumb.

And However, for someone completely new to using pod based systems?

Voopoo Vinci 2 Pod Kit

Heck.. That would have to be a resounding yes!

And It is also available at The Vapors Pakistan So you can also order here Again

The Smart Mode alone, designed to suggest optimum power settings, flavour and vapour production are going to be a real plus for the new vaper.

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And It is also available at The Vapors Pakistan So you can also order here Again

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Dazzling Line, Velvet Blue, Pine Grey, Carbon Fiber, Neon


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