RufPuf Disposable 7500 Puffs 40MG Nicotine Strength Featuring 600 mAh Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery, with Ultra 17 ml Premium E-Liquid. Checkout rufpuf disposable price in pakistan

rufpuf disposable vape

Nicotine Level: 40 mg/mL
Coil: Next Generation Mesh Coil
Puff Count: 7500
Juice: Ultra 17 ml Premium E-Liquid
Battery: 600 mAh Long Lasting Rechargeable
Flavors: 11 Delicious Flavors
Airflow: Ultra Adjustable Airflow
Portable: Easy to Use, No Button


  • Rufpuf Grape Ice Disposable: An icy bold flavours of plump purple Grape blended with also a chilly twist.

  • Watermelon Honeydew Cantaloupe Ice : Ripe Watermelons, sappy Cantaloupe and chilled Honeydew slices slammed together creating an iced out triple melon taste.

  • RufPuf Disposable Strawberry Raspberry Lychee Ice : A distinct berry flavor consisting of tropical Iced Lychee moreover mashed with Freshly picked Red Raspberries and vine-ripened Strawberries.

  • Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry Ice : Strawberries, Raspberries, and Blueberries. Finally A Triple berry blend that’s perfectly balanced from the first puff to the last!

  • RufPuf Disposable Peach Mango Banana Ice : Combine your happiness with this icey sweet blend of fuzzy Peaches united with ripe yellow Mango and also topped with creamy Banana notes.

  • RufPuf Disposable 7500 Puffs Mango Ice : Classic Mango flavor, velvet and what’s more with smooth with an icy finish.

  • Mango Guava Blackcurrant Ice : Malaysian Mango nectar juiced with ripe Guava and blended along with chilled sharp Black Currant berries. The tropical trifecta with an icy twist!

  • Grape Blue Raspberry Ice : Sour Blue Raspberry candy and tarty Grape juice chilled and blended to perfection.

  • Blueberry Mango Lychee Ice : An ICED OUT blend of mouthwatering Mangos mixed with sharp and also sweet Lychee topped off moreover with succulent Blueberries.

  • Blue Razz Peach Jasmine Ice : Iced Blue Raspberry syrup splashed with Chilly Peach juice furthermore laced with floral Jasmine.

  • Apple Watermelon Twist Ice : Check out this truly twisted blend of Chilly Crisp Red Apple juice moreover combined with sweet Watermelons.

Warning: May contain traces of mint and/or menthol

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