Oxbar G8000 Disposable


The Oxbar G8000 disposable was sent to me for review from Oxbar. This is an 8000-puff rechargeable disposable vape.


Oxbar G8000 Disposable

The Oxbar G8000 Disposable was sent to me for review from Oxbar. This is an 8000-puff rechargeable Oxbar G8000 Disposables. checkout oxbar disposable vape price in pakistan.


  • 8000 puffs
  • 650mAh battery
  • 16ml of liquid
  • 5% nicotine
  • G8000 Disposables price in Pakistan

G8000 Disposables price in Pakistan

In the Box

  • Oxbar G8000
  • Lanyard


We see a lot of pods in this form factor now, which I think is a nice format because it’s small, so oxbar disposable vape is easy to carry around, they’re big enough to hold a good amount of liquid and battery capacity, and it has rounded edges so it’s comfortable to hold.

As far as looks go, this has an interesting look. It catches the eye, that’s for sure. It has a nice clear outer layer covering some brightly colored casing underneath. And the casing has a ripple design on it. Then there’s a solid white base at the bottom, which I think contrasts so much that it doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the device. The looks aren’t the most appealing to me, but it doesn’t bother me either.

It’s 85.6mm tall (~4.5″), 49.7mm wide (~2″), and it’s 25.4mm thick (~1″) thick. And it weighs 72g.

G8000 Disposables price in Pakistan

There’s also a lanyard attachment section at the top of the device and Oxbar includes some really nice lanyards for this. I’m actually surprised at how high the quality is of the lanyard. It’s not just a cheap piece of rope.

G8000 Disposables price in Pakistan

Features & Performance G8000 Disposable price in Pakistan

This is a draw-activated device, so after you open up the package, just pull the plug out of the mouthpiece and take a hit. There’s really nothing else to it.

The device has a huge 16ml of liquid, so there’s plenty of liquid to last a while. Oxbar says that the device has 8000 puffs, so that’s a lot.

They use a mesh coil like most everything does these days, so you’ll be sure to get as much flavor as you can from these. It’s a 1.2Ohm coil, which is what you’d like to see in a nice mouth-to-lung device.


Oxbar sent me 3 flavors, but there are 17 flavors in all and they say more are coming. Some great-sounding ones too, like Avocado Nana, Fanta Strawberry, Rainbow Skittles, and Sea Salt Lemon. Those are just some of the most interesting ones to me, but there are lots of others

So let’s go over the three they sent me.

Double Apple – This is very good. It’s super unique. It has a combination of candy-ish but also lightly real green apple, and I think just a tiny hint of mint, but it’s hardly noticeable at all. This is a very good flavor as a whole. G8000 Disposables price in Pakistan

Kiwi Passion Kick – The prominent flavor here is passion fruit. I can get a little kiwi, which gives it a small twist to your normal passion fruit. And that “kick” in the name, is I think a menthol or koolada addition. Again, not super strong but it adds a nice touch to it. G8000 Disposables price in Pakistan


Mango Peach – Here’s another unique flavor combination. I thought this would be a clear-cut mango and peach combo, but this is different than other mango/peach eliquids I’ve had before. The mango is the prominent flavor here, and the peach comes in with a sort of light, realistic peach flavor.


The internal battery is a 650mAh battery, which isn’t huge but should last you a full day. And the device is rechargeable using USB-C so you can always charge it up when you need to.

Final Thoughts G8000 Disposable price in Pakistan


The G8000 has been great. The flavors they sent me are all very good, the flavors are strong and sweet (but not too sweet), the ice kick is very light and not overwhelming (and I’m not even positive they’re using an ice kick), and the draw is excellent. The airflow is a nice restricted mouth-to-lung hit, and it’s satisfying with each hit. I really like how these perform.

Additional information


Cranberry grape, Watermelon strawberry, Virginia tobacco, Double apple, Mango peach, Sunset watermelon, Mad blue, Peach ice, Peach blue razz, Sakura grape, Kiwi passion kick, Triple melon blast


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