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Understanding the Pros:Oxva Xlim Pro vs Vaporesso Xros Pro

The eagerly awaited Vaporesso Xros Pro has arrived, adding expanded capabilities to the popular Xros series. In fact, it appears to have been introduced as a direct competitor to Oxva’s popular Xlim Pro device.

As you’ll see, both of these pod kits offer advantages and disadvantages, so we’ve evaluated them side by side on everything from battery life to flavor to help you choose the best one for your needs.


The Xros Pro handily wins the battery life fight, with its 1200mAh battery providing an additional 20% capacity over the Xlim Pro. Battery capacity is not usually the complete picture, but the Xros lasts longer than the Xlim in real life.

However, unless you choose Eco mode, don’t expect it to last as long as the Xros 3 Mini does. Yes, it has an additional 200mAh capacity, but the device also has other functions, such as powering the screen and providing greater wattage output.

Still, if you’re a typical user, the Xros Pro should last at least a day, if not more, whereas the Xlim Pro will struggle to last most users a full day.

Both devices charge quickly, but the Xros Pro has the advantage, charging from zero to full in slightly over half an hour.

Easy to use

While I normally find Xros devices to be quite user-friendly, the Xros Pro and Oxva Xlim Pro are a close call. 

For starters, it includes a bung over the filling port. This was manageable for me, but some coworkers found it difficult to use. Meanwhile, the utilization of a single button for each function is inconvenient.

On the other side, the Xros Pro, like all Xros devices, is easy to fill. Simply remove the top, insert the tip of the e-liquid bottle, and squeeze.

Adjusting wattage, on the other hand, is a more difficult decision. Like the Xlim Pro, the Xros Pro has a single button for wattage selection. The way this works is determined by the pod you use. If you’re using the brand new 0.4ohm pod, you can change the power in 0.5W increments. Other pods have three power options: Eco, Normal, and Power.

The three power options may not provide as much versatility as the Xlim Pro, but they are far more convenient than browsing through each power option. The difficulty is that the Xros Pro’s power button also works as a firing button. These three clicks activate the device for a short second. (The Xlim Pro, on the other hand, is inhale-only and thus does not suffer from this issue.)

It’s not a big deal, but it is aggravating. On the other hand, most vapers only alter the wattage of their device on occasion, so the convenience of replenishing the pod balances the inconvenience of those button hits.

Both devices allow you to see your e-liquid levels, which is a simple but sometimes overlooked feature. The Xlim Pro’s pod has a small tint, making it a little more difficult to see the e-liquid at a glance, but the base of the Xros Pro’s pod is only covered by the device’s rim, so they pretty much level out here.

Style and comfort

The Xros Pro features a strong metallic finish that feels more premium than other Xros devices. However, this device is bigger than the Xlim Pro, and the projecting front panel makes it appear a little weird.

The Xros body does not fit as snugly into the hand as the Xlim Pro, and as we highlighted in our earlier review, the Xlim Pro’s mouthpiece conforms better to the contours of the mouth than the Xros pod. Both have a beautiful bright metallic finish.


The Xlim Pro’s flavor is just outstanding, able to extract notes from e-liquids that other devices cannot. In reality, I originally tried the gadget based on positive feedback from coworkers about the flavor, and I enjoyed the improved taste so much that I continued to use it after I concluded testing.

The Xros Pro is not awful either. It employs the same fixed-coil Xros pods as the other devices in the series (which is useful for cross compatibility), but I believe it has a slight advantage over the other Xros’. This could be due to the airflow or the Super Pulse mode, which sends a pulse of power throughout the vape to ensure more constant flavor.

The flavour was notably strong with nicotine salts when the wattage was set to normal, but less so when the power was set to maximum. However, the gadget did not perform well with high-VG e-liquids.

However, the Xlim Pro remains the clear winner in terms of flavor and draw. (To be more specific, the flavor was best with the 0.6ohm pod and not as excellent with the 0.8ohm pod.) At the same time, I believe diehard Xros lovers will appreciate the Xros Pro’s improved taste.


In conclusion, both the Oxva Xlim Pro and Vaporesso Xros Pro offer impressive features and performance in the realm of vaping. Whether it’s design, performance, battery life, customization, or value, both devices have their strengths. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on individual preferences and priorities.

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