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The Argus G2: A Worthy Contender in the 2024 Vape Scene

The vaping market is a dynamic landscape, constantly evolving with new technologies and features. VooPoo’s Argus G2, released in April 2024, has quickly established itself as a compelling option in the pod vape segment. But how does it stack up against the competition in the current vaping landscape? Let’s dive into the key features of the Argus G2 and explore its strengths and potential limitations in the context of 2024 vapes.

Striking a Balance: Power, Efficiency, and User-Friendliness

The Argus G2 features a 1000mAh built-in battery, offering a solid balance between power and portability. This translates to extended vaping sessions for casual users without the bulk of larger devices. The power output range of 5W to 30W caters to various vaping styles, allowing users to adjust wattage for a more personalized experience. Furthermore, the Argus G2 boasts a fast charging capability, allowing users to fully recharge the battery in approximately 30 minutes, minimizing downtime.

While some 2024 vapes boast even higher power outputs, the Argus G2 prioritizes user-friendliness and efficiency. Its focus on a comfortable power range caters to a broader audience, including both new vapers and those seeking a reliable and portable device for MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) vaping.

Enhanced User Experience: Smooth Performance and Smart Features

The Argus G2 incorporates several features designed to enhance the user experience:

  • Leak-Proof Design: One of the major strengths of the Argus G2 is its leak-proof design. This minimizes the risk of e-liquid mess, ensuring a clean and enjoyable vaping experience. For many vapers, especially newcomers, a leak-proof design is a crucial factor when choosing a device.
  • Adjustable Airflow Control: The Argus G2 offers adjustable airflow control, allowing users to fine-tune the draw according to their preferences. This caters to both MTL and a slightly looser Restricted DTL (Direct-To-Lung) vaping style.
  • Intuitive Operation: The Argus G2 features a user-friendly design with a simple button layout and a clear 0.5-inch OLED display. This allows for easy operation and provides essential information about the device, such as current wattage, battery level, and puff count.

These features combined contribute to the Argus G2’s overall user experience, making it a convenient and reliable choice for everyday vaping.

Argus G2 vs. The Competition: A Comparative Analysis

To understand the Argus G2’s position in the 2024 vape market, let’s compare it with two key competitors:

  • Caliburn G2 by Uwell: Released shortly after the Argus G2, the Caliburn G2 is a direct competitor known for its exceptional MTL vaping experience and ultra-leak-proof design. The Caliburn G2 features a slightly smaller battery capacity (750mAh) and a narrower power output range (5W to 18W) compared to the Argus G2. For those prioritizing a strictly MTL experience and the utmost leak-proofing, the Caliburn G2 might be a better choice.
  • Smok Nord 5 by Smok: The Smok Nord 5 boasts a wider power range (5W to 80W) compared to the Argus G2, catering to both MTL and DTL vapers who prefer a stronger vape. It utilizes replaceable coils with varying resistances, offering more customization options. However, the Smok Nord 5 comes with a larger battery (1800mAh) but also a bulkier design compared to the Argus G2.

Choosing between these vapes depends on individual preferences. The Argus G2 offers a good balance between power, leak-proofing, user-friendliness, and portability. If a strictly MTL experience or an ultra-compact size is the priority, the Caliburn G2 might be a better fit. For those seeking a wider power range and extensive coil options, the Smok Nord 5 could be the answer.

The vaping industry in 2024 is witnessing a continued focus on pod systems, emphasizing user-friendliness, compact designs, and innovative features. Here are some trends influencing the market:

  • Closed Pod Systems: Pre-filled pod systems with pre-installed coils are gaining traction due to their extreme convenience. While offering limited customization, they cater to new vapers or those seeking a hassle-free experience.
  • Flavor Innovation: Manufacturers are exploring new flavor profiles and technologies to enhance the vaping experience. Nicotine salt formulations are prevalent, offering a smoother and more.


Its leak-proof design, convenient charging capabilities, and adjustable features cater to both new and experienced MTL vapers seeking a reliable everyday device. When compared to competitors like the Caliburn G2 and Smok Nord 5, the Argus G2 offers a good mix of features without sacrificing portability or user-friendliness.

As the vaping industry continues to innovate in 2024 with trends like closed pod systems and ever-evolving flavor profiles, the Argus G2 stands out as a solid choice for those seeking a reliable and user-friendly pod vape that prioritizes a comfortable MTL vaping experience. Ultimately, the best vape in 2024 depends on individual preferences. The Argus G2, however, with its focus on user experience, leak-proofing, and portability, remains a strong contender in the competitive pod vape market.

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